Monday, October 11, 2021

#PhotoMagicFun on Instagram!


Why are all these people smiling and laughing?  
Let’s Take Photos of Your Guests doing Magic!

Shawn Eric is a photo taking, memory making, gifting magic machine!

He’s like a one man, magical photo booth who mingles with your guests and presents his Photo Magic Card Trick as a gift of astonishment.

The guests gather as couples and small groups.  They pick their favorite card and after lots of comedy and shuffling the cards, they hold the fan of cards while Shawn Eric takes their photo and works his magic.  When they look at the photo on their phone/camera, they see the impossible!  Not only are they amazed, they also have a memento souvenir that they can share with their friends and on social media (which further promotes your event hashtags).  Give your guests a highly interactive, fun, memorable, magical experience at your next event by inviting SE to work his Photo Magic Fun!

(The above graphic is our first using  What fun!)

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