Monday, April 1, 2024

Celebrating 10 Years at Rustler's Rooste!

It's an amazing place!  After 10 years of "working tables" at the Rustler's Rooste restaurant, I'm still blown away by the number of people who come in from all over the world.  And I have the opportunity and privilege to entertain them with my magic & comedy skills.  Not just that, I've learned so much about how to engage & connect with such a variety of guests; when to approach, making them feel welcome, sensing how they're feeling (mostly hungry at first), making them laugh & feel amazed, and creating memories of magic and a true sense of hospitality.  Over the years, I've created a fan base that keeps coming back for birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, graduations, holidays, etc.  For many guests, it's their first time there and what a treat it is for them!

I have sincere appreciation for all the people I get to work with.
Thanks to Tom, Flash, Mike, Julie, Craig, Amy, Cathy, a multitude of waiters, busers, and staff. Thanks to Mark Dollar & the Silver Peso Band.  Most of all, to the really great audiences, thank you!      

I've always believed the best magic happens up on a hill.  The Rustler's Rooste is up on the hill just south of the Arizona Grand Resort.  The windows and patios face north overlooking the Valley of the Sun.  It's a great place for events, and walk in parties of up to 20 people can usually be accommodated. Family entertainment at its best.  Magic, music & dancing, balloon art, amazing waiters, and of course great food.  Beef and brews with a view... Come on in and say "Howdy partner!"