Tuesday, December 31, 2019

New Business Cards!

 Very happy to have new "seeds" to sow for the New Year 2020!

Designed and produced by creative friends Rick and Alison Ivansek, owners of AG Werks.  Check out their website at 

Thank you all for reading and following this blog!
I hope you find something of interest or value.
Wishing you all a Happy and Magical New Year!

Saturday, November 30, 2019

7th Annual Cups & Balls Session

In October, I had the pleasure of visiting magic friends in Los Angeles for an all day event celebrating one of the oldest tricks in magic, the classic cups and balls.  Organized by Tom Frank and hosted by Dave Ramey, the event draws about 75 magicians each year.  The format is "show and tell" sessions where participants can talk about their interests and props (cups, balls, wands, tables, pouches and pockets, costumes, loads, etc.) or they can perform their favorite routines. This year Gazzo appeared and did a surprising close-up routine while sitting at a table and spinning a long tale about a long drive across the country.  The best part of the day was seeing old friends and meeting new ones, watching the younger magi do their thing, and sharing lots of stories and laughs.  

Johnson Cups for my close-up work.

Tom Frank, organizer of the event.

With Gazzo & Kris Bentz.

Cups for political satire, Napoleon on the run.

Cellini Cups for the stage.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Arizona State Fair 2019!

Another great year at the Arizona State Fair!  On the Carnival Stage for 8 days, 3 shows per day, added up to 24 shows. Plus 2 roving sets per day, added up to 16.  What a run!  Thank you to all my friends who came out and to all the great audiences!  

This year I added the Rings to open the shows and get a nice, little workout too.

Lots of Photo Magic Fun!
(see shawn_eric and #photomagicfun on Instagram for more)

Lots of Magic Fun at the VIP Party!

Hanging out with friends Brian & Dianalynn R.  They really know how to have fun!
Check out their blog at familyfairfun.blogspot.com

And a nice testimonial from Evelyn B.!

Thank you Evelyn and many thanks to Michael S., Wanell C., Krislyn S., Brittany L., and the whole team.  Special thanks to Harrison, the audio expert from Sound Image, who made the shows sound awesome, was so easy going, and after 24 shows he may be able to recall all my jokes! 

Monday, September 30, 2019

New Websites!

This past summer I had the pleasure to work with my friend Gene Urban to create two new websites.  Not only is Gene an extremely talented magician, he is also very knowledgable when it comes to online marketing, websites, and SEO.  Now based in Santa Barbara, Gene creates websites for several businesses, keeps them at the top of Google searches, and guides his clients into the best practices for online marketing and sales.  Check out his website at  santabarbaramagic.com.  If you want to create an online presence and build a website for your business, I highly recommend Gene.  

To see more of his work, check out these two new websites for updated information, photos, and videos for my magic business.  
For corporate events & parties, visit  idealmagic.com.  
For private parties and festivals & fairs,  magicfunwithpeople.com.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Bringing Magic to Your Profession

In June, I had the opportunity to speak and perform at the Arizona Public Defenders Association’s annual conference!  Wow, what an experience!  I delivered a 75 minute talk, Bringing Magic to the Courtroom, to teach preparation and performance skills I’ve acquired and help public defenders perform like magic super heroes in court.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Celebrating 5 Years at the Rustler's Rooste!

Howdy folks, time flies when you're having fun.  Check out rustlersrooste.com  Come on in for some Magic Fun.  I'm usually there on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, unless I'm somewhere else, so it's best to call or text to confirm that I'll be there, 602-403-7309.  If you come in during the week, look for my friend Brother Clyde and be sure to pick a card.  Hope to see ya'll soon!   

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Johann N. Hofzinser & Johnny Thompson

Tonight in Las Vegas, at the Penn & Teller Theater at the Rio Hotel is a Celebration of Life for Johnny Thompson.  I will be there in spirit.

Magic Live, 2016

This is adapted from an excerpt from the book, The Magic of J.N. Hofzinser, compiled by Ottokar Fischer and published by Fredo Marvelli in Berlin in 1942.  The book was translated into English by Richard Hatch, and published by Walter Graham in 1985.  I’ve always enjoyed the phrase “soaring on the wings of applause” to describe how I sometimes feel after a performance.  When I heard about Johnny passing on, I immediately thought of this passage.  Only a few masters of magic are worthy of the following description which Marvelli writes about Hofzinser.  Johnny was certainly one of them.  So I offer this as a tribute (with permission from Richard Hatch) to the magic community, especially for those of us who knew Johnny.  Peace to Pam, his family and all his friends. 

Without Tailcoat or Wand: Johnny Thompson, the Man

The curtain has fallen, the thunderous applause fades away.  With a captivating smile the performer has taken his final bow before the enraptured audience, who remain spellbound by the evening’s illusions, performed for them with consummate artistry by this great master of magic.  

The drawing room has emptied, the lamps have been extinguished.  In the memories of his homeward bound guests, The Great Tomsoni - the brilliant performer, the peerless wizard who is no imitative virtuoso, but a creative genius - lives on.  

Yet what the audience has seen and marveled at is but one facet of his being, the outward manifestation of his ability.  As refined as his performances, Johnny Thompson the actor is a nimble cavalier and brilliant social companion:  gifted, witty, and charming.  But behind this dazzling mask lies hid another man, Thompson himself.  

To get to know him, we must linger a moment in his home and wait till he has put down his wand and taken off his tailcoat.  Standing before us now in his shirtsleeves, the mask like expression on his face having relaxed, Thompson, the man, comes to meet us with his natural, winning candor.  

After the demanding activity of the evening, which was for him nonetheless a true celebration of delight in artistic achievement - still soaring on the wings of the applause that engulfed him - he sits down to engage in an intimate dialogue with the few friends he considers worthy of initiation to the secrets of his creations and abilities, and to reveal to them his wonderful experiments, a knowledge of which he otherwise scrupulously guards from everyone, motivated by the all too justified fear of profaning brilliant creations and degrading true art to a cheap and convenient living for clever virtuosos, greedy imposters, and untalented charlatans.

Only to a chosen few does he permit a glimpse of his soul, unlocking for them the entire wealth of his beautiful, poised inner life.  In his book he found time… to write to his “magical apprentices”, Penn & Teller, Jamy Swiss and David Ben, Thompson shows himself without mask or make-up and reveals the charming, kind-hearted man of that innocent, halcyon time… illuminated with the setting sunlight of a dying world.  

Enjoy Tomsoni & Company on YouTube...

Friday, April 5, 2019

A Personal Note

My dad Glenn passed away in early March.  I had just returned home from Los Angeles.  He had been in the hospital for almost a week.  The updates I received were positive, he was getting better.  But then the mystery and mercy of death..., and now he's moving on.

I'm so grateful I could be with him for a few hours the night he passed, grateful that I was able to see him, to hold his hands, rub his shoulders, look into his eyes, and pray with him.  I'm grateful he is free now, free of the pain, and free to fly.  Thank you dad for everything. I miss you now, I love you always.  See you on the other side.  May you rest in peace in the arms of our Lord.

Friday, February 8, 2019

2018 Fairs Review & Testimonial

Here are some of the highlights of my work in the fairs & events industry last year, so far my best year yet!  I enjoy working these fairs and having fun with my entertainer friends, being outside under that big spot light in the sky, and most of all because of the families & kids who attend.  Many of these folks have become friends & raving fans who return each year to enjoy the show! 

* Western Fairs Association Convention & Trade Show in Anaheim, California.
* Exhibitor Live Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.
* Yuma County Fair in Yuma, Arizona. 
* Silver Dollar Fair in Chico, California.
* Trinity County Fair in Hayfork, California.
* Coconino County Fair in Flagstaff, Arizona.
* Navajo County Fair in Holbrook, Arizona.
* ARIZONA STATE FAIR in Phoenix, Arizona. 
* Arizona Fairs Association Convention in Laughlin, Nevada.

Here's a nice letter from Terry Godfrey, the entertainment coordinator at Yuma County Fair, which is really cool as I consider Terry a mentor in the fair industry, a great magician and respected friend.