Sunday, October 2, 2016

Raving Fan!

"I was at the Magic Castle last night.  My plan was to have a drink at the WC Fields bar and then go up and see Rafael Benetar in the Parlor.  I stopped down there and saw Shawn Eric.  I couldn’t leave.  He did a great set and filled the room with energy and personality; not to mention a great show.  The tip jar was filled, the customers were enjoying his performance and not merely waiting to go to another venue. 

I was hooked.  I stayed and watched one show for me and was entertained and loved his work.  I decided to stay to see the second show to see the audience reaction to his work which was fantastic.  Then I stayed to watch his work and learn from it.  So all in all I saw three shows.  I had a hell of a time and it was vastly different and superior to those there just the week before.  We need this guy back!!!!"

Maurice N. (Magic Castle member) Excerpt from an email to Jack G., July, 2016