Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What People are Saying

From the Comedy Night Fundraiser at the Kerr Cultural Center in September...

Dear Shawn,
You are a total pro!  It was a pleasure to work with you.  Thank you for going above & beyond to make the museum's event a success.  Hopefully, I will see you again in the magic world!
Many grins,
Gina G.
Children's Museum of Phoenix

From a fan at the Coconino County Fair...

I first saw you perform in Scottsdale, AZ, at the Borgata with John Fitzsimmons.  I liked what you did, but I wasn't too impressed.  Again I saw you at an art event in Tempe on Mill.  I thought, "He's improving..." I liked your style.  Fast forward to the Coconino County Fair where I saw you perform.... WOW!!!  Your effects are engaging, but most importantly, I loved and admired your skill with the crowd!  You've really found your persona, style, etc.  And you're fun!  Congrats on "making it"!
Can't wait to watch you again.
All the best,
Tony L.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer Solstice Celebration!

For years, I've wanted to travel north for the summer solstice, to enjoy the long days and work during the late evening sunsets.  Recently this past June, I escaped the desert heat and journeyed up to Washington for two weeks.  In Bellingham, I visited my friend Crystal, The Jewel of Magic, who was also a friend of Cellini.  Crystal and I met in Switzerland in 1992 at Cellini's Zauberlauden in Zurich where we worked the streets together with a motley crew of Cellini's other students.  She has been taking care of her magic and performing in a variety of venues for many years.  It was a pleasure to see her again!  We talked about the old days, shared lots of laughs and healthy food, and discussed our new magic dreams and adventures.  Here she is at her regular gig at the local smoke shop where she performs cigarette and cigar magic for her nicotine addicted clients.  She's still got chops and a great cups and balls routine!

On the solstice weekend I worked the Fremont Fair in Seattle.  Friday evening I did a show in the beer garden before the band played, typical party crowd, it was a nice way to warm up.  Saturday was full of sunshine, lots of shows, and good crowds.  I enjoyed walking back up a long hill to my hotel in the late evening dusk watching a full moonrise, staying up late & cleaning the take.  Sunday was back to normal Seattle weather, cloudy and cool, with light rain throughout the day.  I cranked out the shows as the crowds and cash kept flowing.  It was my first time working this event, I enjoyed meeting lots of interesting people, and the naked painted babes riding bikes through the event were a novel attraction.  Sorry, no pictures. 

Another highlight of the fair was seeing my good friend Crow play with his friends, The Band of Buzzards, ie. Artis the Spoonman and Reggie.  These guys rocked the streets and gathered good crowds with their grooving songs and magnetic presence.  They were set up just down the street from my pitch and I enjoyed listening to them during my breaks.  On Sunday after the fair, I travelled with Crow and Artis over to Port Townsend where I stayed a few days and enjoyed the hospitality of Crow and Milam.  What a happy couple, so lucky to be in love!  Also, enjoyed a visit with Artis at his seaside apartment, a tour of his garden, and we even watched a sea lion come ashore, waddle its way up to the main street and entertain a group of tourists.  That was one animal act that neither of us could have followed.  

Crow and I have been friends for many years, since we worked the Tempe Arts Festival back in the late 1980's.  During our visit, we rode bikes all over town, through the boatyards, and all along the shore line.  At their home, we played music, did yard work, and enjoyed Milam's good cooking and lots of laughs.  Crow is a very talented comedian, juggler, and musician.  It was practically therapeutic for me to be there, but as Crow remarked, "Coming to me for therapy is like going to the gynocologist without a pussy."  Another Crow line, "Experience is what you get after you need it."  Laughter is indeed the best medicine!

Topping off my Washington tour was a performance for my client friend Tom B., his wife Diane, and their family & friends on a beautiful, sunny evening at their home in Alki Beach!  I did a show for Tom this past spring in Scottsdale, and he invited me to visit and perform if I ever made it up north.  The timing worked out perfect, as Diane, his family & friends were all gathered for a special party.  It was beautiful outside, in his backyard overlooking the water.  Most of his family had seen parts of the show before, so I added an extended set of card magic as an encore.  They were all very nice, hip, and fun!  Also, I must say that Tom & Diane epitomize the commitment that marriage is supposed to be, "in sickness and health", they are a most inspiring couple. Thank you Tom & Diane!  Thanks again to Crystal, and Crow & Milam for your generous hospitality and enduring friendship!  And thanks to my new friend Artis for the CDs!    


Friday, May 17, 2013

New Rings!

In my last post, there was a picture of my artist friends Rick & Sallie Martin, Martin Design Works, at the Tempe Festival.  You may have noticed the rings Rick was holding?  Scroll down now and take a closer look.  The story is that we have been talking about making a new set of rings for about a year or two, and this past spring festival, they showed up with 6 beautiful rings.  I needed 3 more and some finishing work, so they took them back to their metal shop in Colorado and did their magic.  Then on Thursday, May 2nd, a box appeared at my door and I was blown away by this new set of rings!

I've been working with rings for over 30 years and have never been so delighted to handle a set such as these.  12 & 1/2 inches diameter, 3/8 inch thick, solid stainless steel.  For my magician friends, there is a unique design feature that sets these rings apart from any other rings on the market.  I used them for the first time in a public show on Sunday, May 5th.  I'm so excited, they are so beautiful!  Thank you Rick & Sallie!

Now I get to "retire" my old set of rings which I've used since 1991.  I performed with them on February 2nd, and fortunately, part of the routine was captured on video by Craig Levine.  Thank you Craig!  I've been wanting to post that video, but have had technical problems.  This past week I was lucky to have my good friend Tom Frank produce and post this video.  Thank you Tommy!

Yuma / Tempe - April 2 - 7!

What a great way to start the month of April!
Yuma County Fair, April 2 - 4.  I performed 5 shows (30-40 minute sets) on Tuesday, 5 shows on Wednesday, and 6 shows on Thursday.  Then hit the road home to Phoenix to work April 5 - 7 at the Tempe Festival of the Arts.  I did 5 shows on Friday, 6 shows on Saturday, and 7 shows on Sunday!
That last show on Sunday, I felt so relaxed, spontaneous, and in the zone (or on the edge).  34 shows in 6 days! 

Fellow magi and friend Terry Godfrey in Yuma.
Artists friends Rick & Sallie Martin with the RINGS in Tempe.
Thank you Eric W., June M., and Terry G. for inviting me to Yuma.  Thank you Kate H., Ryan B., Bob H. and the whole crew at the Tempe Festival!  Thanks to all the great audiences, especially that last crowd on Sunday!  Amazingly, we had fantastic weather for both events and then the whole state of Arizona got slammed with high winds & storms on Monday the 8th.  We were all so lucky! 

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Updated Website & Recent Testimonial

Here is the newest version of my corporate website, an agent friendly site with no contact information.  Introducing my new alter-persona (an attempt to reinvent myself in the midst of a wonderful life in show business).  It all starts with a name change, so please welcome... 
Shawn Eric!  

AND here's a recent testimonial from a show in February.  Thanks Scott!

"Shawn Greer is great!  He is a wonderful magician and is able to interact with all types of people.  Shawn recently performed for a fund raiser for the Justa Center.  There were over 300 people in attendance.  All night people said, "We love the magician!"  Shawn also performed the past two years at the Justa Center.  The older adults who are currently homeless enjoy Shawn and his show.  He is the gem of Phoenix."  
Rev. Scott Ritchey, Executive Director, Justa Center  

Friday, February 8, 2013

More of What People are Saying

From a party at the Royal Palms, January 19, 2013

Thanks again for a great show Shawn!  Everyone had a blast!

Aaron M.  

From a New Years Eve party, 2012

It was great having you.  Very amazing tricks.  Love to have you again.  You make them look so real and believable!

Lee Q. (yes, THE Lee Q.!)

From a holiday party on December 8, 2012

Hi Shawn, 
I was the woman at the party mentioning IBM and SAM. I really enjoyed what I was able to observe. I was on your side during your cups and balls and was impressed with the crowd's reaction. You made magicians look good.  Thank you!

Terri Z.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Corporate Magic Fun!

Dinner party magic at the Four Seasons Resort.  After strolling around with the close-up magic, the whole group is gathered for a final show at one of the tables.  As one can see, this type of performance gives the audience quite a thrill as well as a sense of community, a sense of a shared experience of astonishing Magic Fun!  A great way to top off a performance!  A special thanks to Holly L. for these amazing photos!

Hawaii 50!

I had always dreamed of going to a tropical island paradise for my 50th birthday, so in December I took a trip to Oahu, Hawaii.  It was quite an adventure!  Not only did I celebrate being 50 by swimming in the ocean, I was able to join my good friends Tommy and Polly for their week long wedding festivities!  They were married on the winter solstice, 12/21/12, during sunset on a beautiful beach appropriately called Sunset Beach.  It was truly an awesome time and place!

Tommy is my oldest friend, we've had lots of magic adventures over the years, and have seen each other go through the best and worst of times.  Seeing him and Polly get married, so happy and beautiful together, it was incredible!  I'm so happy for them!  It really reaffirmed my hope in the power of love.  Our time in Hawaii will certainly be a memory to cherish!

In addition to celebrating the wedding and my birthday, I had the opportunity to explore a new busking pitch in Waikiki!  My friend Curtis Kam helped me plan and execute my busking adventure on the Kalakua Blvd.  Curtis is a native master magician who specializes in coin magic.  He came out several nights to see the show and it was a pleasure to watch him perform too.  Together, we kept the crowds entertained.  Curtis also introduced me to several magic friends who took me out for tea and with whom we enjoyed a few late night magic sessions.  Great fun!  It was a pleasure to meet John & Loreen, and David K. (special thanks to David who gifted me with a beautiful new magic wand)!

I have so many people to thank for making my trip a success.  Thank you Tommy and Polly for your love, friendship, and including me in your wedding adventure!  Thank you Curtis for being so supportive and generous with your time.  Thanks to the folks at the Royal Grove hotel for their hospitality.  Special thanks to all my family and friends for their love, encouragement and friendship, especially this past year.  Most of all, I thank God for His care and guidance, for blessing me with the talent to entertain people with magic, and for dreams and the power to pursue them!