Thursday, July 5, 2012

An amazing dog I once knew...

Leaping Lacey does wonders for street performer's career!

Lacey jumping over 5 children with room to spare!

How much for that doggie in the window? 

Dana Smith and Lacey, an amazing duo who entertained at the Tempe Festival, Spring 2008.
My friend Dana recently lost his performing partner after a long successful run.  Lacey recently passed on and for a dog, she was lucky to have the dog life she did.  What other dogs can boast of such feats of skill and charm?  Lacey was a worker and her stats on number of shows, people entertained, and miles jumped over praying children are beyond impressive.  Now she can rest in her eternal shade... and not to worry, Dana has a new show!  He will be appearing with Shawn Greer at the Stanislaus County Fair, 7/13-22/2012!  Come join the fun!