Thursday, June 6, 2024

Earl Nelson's Last Magic Show

On September 20th, 2022, I drove up to Oak Creek Canyon for a day of magic with Earl Nelson and some friends.  We had many sessions over the years and I learned some interesting things from Earl, including the instantaneous 3 ring separation that I use as the final effect of my 3 ring routine.  Check out a recent post on my Instagram, @shawnericmagic.
On this trip, I had several effects ready to perform, one of which was the Rice Bowls.  I had just started working on it and the script was still a rough draft.  Nevertheless, I wanted to show it to Earl and the guys.
When I arrived, I saw Earl and was shocked.  I wondered if he'd had a stroke or something.  He was recovering from a fall and was moving slow, but that day he busted out his cards & coins and showed us several new moves he was practicing.  He did the Sun & Moon coin effect and we talked about that for some time.  He was always creating & practicing new moves and adding touches of finesse to existing sleights.
Whenever I perform with children in the audience, I imagine that I might be the first magician they ever see.  When I perform for seniors, I imagine I might be the last magician they ever see.  In both cases, I do my best to create a personal experience of astonishment, a memory of real magic and feelings of wonder, love & joy.  I think I might have been the last magician Earl ever saw perform.  He was hospitalized shortly after our visit and passed away a month later, on October 21, 2022.  It was an honor to be his friend. 

Monday, April 1, 2024

Celebrating 10 Years at Rustler's Rooste!

It's an amazing place!  After 10 years of "working tables" at the Rustler's Rooste restaurant, I'm still blown away by the number of people who come in from all over the world.  And I have the opportunity and privilege to entertain them with my magic & comedy skills.  Not just that, I've learned so much about how to engage & connect with such a variety of guests; when to approach, making them feel welcome, sensing how they're feeling (mostly hungry at first), making them laugh & feel amazed, and creating memories of magic and a true sense of hospitality.  Over the years, I've created a fan base that keeps coming back for birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, graduations, holidays, etc.  For many guests, it's their first time there and what a treat it is for them!

I have sincere appreciation for all the people I get to work with.
Thanks to Tom, Flash, Mike, Julie, Craig, Amy, Cathy, a multitude of waiters, busers, and staff. Thanks to Mark Dollar & the Silver Peso Band.  Most of all, to the really great audiences, thank you!      

I've always believed the best magic happens up on a hill.  The Rustler's Rooste is up on the hill just south of the Arizona Grand Resort.  The windows and patios face north overlooking the Valley of the Sun.  It's a great place for events, and walk in parties of up to 20 people can usually be accommodated. Family entertainment at its best.  Magic, music & dancing, balloon art, amazing waiters, and of course great food.  Beef and brews with a view... Come on in and say "Howdy partner!"  


Monday, October 16, 2023

The Magic Pizza Surprise

Delivering pizzas & magic to a home in Oak Creek Canyon.

Imagine your party has started and your guests are chatting over appetizers.  The doorbell rings and the delivery guy comes in with the pizzas and a special pizza for your guest of honor.  They are requested to pay the bill and after some dramatic comedy, the delivery guy offers them a wager so they can win the pizzas.  A deck of cards are shuffled, the game is played, and when the impossible happens, they are amazed!  And they win the pizzas!  As the guests enjoy, the delivery guy leaves and returns with a bag of magic ready to entertain everyone with an incredible show. 

This magical stunt is an unexpected and surprising way to start the magic happening at your party.  Great for Halloween, Holiday, and family parties at home, as well as office lunch events.  Remember “bring your kids to the office days”?  Invite Shawn Eric to entertain your guests with his magic and pick up some pizzas on the way! 

Monday, August 28, 2023

Coin Work at the Silver Dollar Fair!

Here's a quick sequence of coin work that I perform to entertain & inspire my audiences, usually young people, to collect coins, save their money, and practice to strengthen their hands for sports, music, and of course, video gaming!  Over the years, I've challenged myself to perform these moves while my arm is extended over the railing of a river boat and while standing over subway gratings in NYC.  Yes, I've dropped a few coins over the years.  This sequence of moves is preceded by coin productions (aka the Miser's Dream) and followed by a few coin magic effects.  This coin routine is perfect for the Silver Dollar Fair and is an integral part of my all of my shows.  It's also ideal for money management and financial industry audiences.     

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Raving Fan Tom DiGrazia!

I had a great time last month working the Silver Dollar Fair in Chico, California!  Thanks to Tom, Nick, and all the team, I got to work with some other great entertainers and share a stage with Ernie Guderjahn aka Dr. Goodjohn.  The weather was beautiful, the silver dollars were flying around, and the crowds were awesome!  

Monday, October 11, 2021

#PhotoMagicFun on Instagram!


Why are all these people smiling and laughing?  
Let’s Take Photos of Your Guests doing Magic!

Shawn Eric is a photo taking, memory making, gifting magic machine!

He’s like a one man, magical photo booth who mingles with your guests and presents his Photo Magic Card Trick as a gift of astonishment.

The guests gather as couples and small groups.  They pick their favorite card and after lots of comedy and shuffling the cards, they hold the fan of cards while Shawn Eric takes their photo and works his magic.  When they look at the photo on their phone/camera, they see the impossible!  Not only are they amazed, they also have a memento souvenir that they can share with their friends and on social media (which further promotes your event hashtags).  Give your guests a highly interactive, fun, memorable, magical experience at your next event by inviting SE to work his Photo Magic Fun!

(The above graphic is our first using  What fun!)

Monday, July 26, 2021

Raving Fan!

"Thank you for bringing the Art of Magic!  You created such a fun experience for us all.  We will cherish these memories for years to come.  Thank you for your magical entertainment!"  ~Nkechi O.  

Nkechi gave her husband a 60th Birthday Party he will always remember.  I had the opportunity to work with an amazing team including our planner Jeryse Kelly, DJ and emcee Scott Faver, and photographer Alexxis Great who captured these reactions.  The guests were expressive, beautiful, and really fun.  It was a wonderful party!  

The Magic Pizza Delivery

Cheers to a Great Audience!