Monday, October 16, 2023

The Magic Pizza Surprise

Delivering pizzas & magic to a home in Oak Creek Canyon.

Imagine your party has started and your guests are chatting over appetizers.  The doorbell rings and the delivery guy comes in with the pizzas and a special pizza for your guest of honor.  They are requested to pay the bill and after some dramatic comedy, the delivery guy offers them a wager so they can win the pizzas.  A deck of cards are shuffled, the game is played, and when the impossible happens, they are amazed!  And they win the pizzas!  As the guests enjoy, the delivery guy leaves and returns with a bag of magic ready to entertain everyone with an incredible show. 

This magical stunt is an unexpected and surprising way to start the magic happening at your party.  Great for Halloween, Holiday, and family parties at home, as well as office lunch events.  Remember “bring your kids to the office days”?  Invite Shawn Eric to entertain your guests with his magic and pick up some pizzas on the way! 

Monday, August 28, 2023

Coin Work at the Silver Dollar Fair!

Here's a quick sequence of coin work that I perform to entertain & inspire my audiences, usually young people, to collect coins, save their money, and practice to strengthen their hands for sports, music, and of course, video gaming!  Over the years, I've challenged myself to perform these moves while my arm is extended over the railing of a river boat and while standing over subway gratings in NYC.  Yes, I've dropped a few coins over the years.  This sequence of moves is preceded by coin productions (aka the Miser's Dream) and followed by a few coin magic effects.  This coin routine is perfect for the Silver Dollar Fair and is an integral part of my all of my shows.  It's also ideal for money management and financial industry audiences.