Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Magic Beyond the New Normal

How do you enjoy live magic entertainment these days?  Strolling gigs at resorts and restaurants have been cancelled since the middle of March.  Corporate trade shows and large events have cancelled.  And the fairs and festivals have also cancelled.  However, I performed two shows in September.  Both events were for small groups of family and friends, 6 and 8 people, at their homes.  I performed a one hour show of my best close-up magic and featured personalized presentations for each party.  You can read more about these events on my websites.

Over the years I've done numerous parties like these, but now I realize this is THE BEST way to have me at your next event.  This is my specialty niche offering for home entertainment.  Small gatherings of family, friends, and business associates, less than 20 people, at one's home.  We use all the recommended safety precautions and ideally the show is outside.  There is only one participant, preferably the guest of honor, who assist in only the most minimal and necessary procedures.  Most of the show is hands off, completely visual, beautiful magic.  Ideal for adult parties, birthdays, holidays, and family events.  

Years ago, only the aristocracy could enjoy the finest magicians and conjurers because there were fewer of us, and fewer still who could afford and appreciate the fine art of magic.  That's not the case today.  As you can see from the painting, even in the past there was some level of social distancing, yet we found ways to enjoy time together in safe places like parks and gardens.  These days we have backyards and patios.  My goal is to give my clients home entertainment options; the best, live, magic and comedy shows, in such a way as to make their guests feel completely safe and comfortable.  Call today to discuss how to surprise your guests with Magic Fun at your next home event.          

Friday, September 4, 2020

Coconino County Virtual Fair!

One of my favorite Arizona fairs is the annual Coconino County Fair in Flagstaff over Labor Day weekend.  The fairgrounds are in the pines and the weather is usually very nice even when it rains.  This year it's going totally VIRTUAL!  That means you can visit the website for information about the event and tune into the YouTube Channel to see all the videos of numerous activities and entertainment.  I'll be hosting the entertainment on Monday, September 7th, introducing two music acts Rhythm Oasis and FoxyKoshka, as well as showing off some awesome magic.  Here's a playful video I produced just for fun that did not make the final cut. 

Hope you're able to tune in and be sure to check out the two videos I produced for Monday!