Friday, May 17, 2013

New Rings!

In my last post, there was a picture of my artist friends Rick & Sallie Martin, Martin Design Works, at the Tempe Festival.  You may have noticed the rings Rick was holding?  Scroll down now and take a closer look.  The story is that we have been talking about making a new set of rings for about a year or two, and this past spring festival, they showed up with 6 beautiful rings.  I needed 3 more and some finishing work, so they took them back to their metal shop in Colorado and did their magic.  Then on Thursday, May 2nd, a box appeared at my door and I was blown away by this new set of rings!

I've been working with rings for over 30 years and have never been so delighted to handle a set such as these.  12 & 1/2 inches diameter, 3/8 inch thick, solid stainless steel.  For my magician friends, there is a unique design feature that sets these rings apart from any other rings on the market.  I used them for the first time in a public show on Sunday, May 5th.  I'm so excited, they are so beautiful!  Thank you Rick & Sallie!

Now I get to "retire" my old set of rings which I've used since 1991.  I performed with them on February 2nd, and fortunately, part of the routine was captured on video by Craig Levine.  Thank you Craig!  I've been wanting to post that video, but have had technical problems.  This past week I was lucky to have my good friend Tom Frank produce and post this video.  Thank you Tommy!

Yuma / Tempe - April 2 - 7!

What a great way to start the month of April!
Yuma County Fair, April 2 - 4.  I performed 5 shows (30-40 minute sets) on Tuesday, 5 shows on Wednesday, and 6 shows on Thursday.  Then hit the road home to Phoenix to work April 5 - 7 at the Tempe Festival of the Arts.  I did 5 shows on Friday, 6 shows on Saturday, and 7 shows on Sunday!
That last show on Sunday, I felt so relaxed, spontaneous, and in the zone (or on the edge).  34 shows in 6 days! 

Fellow magi and friend Terry Godfrey in Yuma.
Artists friends Rick & Sallie Martin with the RINGS in Tempe.
Thank you Eric W., June M., and Terry G. for inviting me to Yuma.  Thank you Kate H., Ryan B., Bob H. and the whole crew at the Tempe Festival!  Thanks to all the great audiences, especially that last crowd on Sunday!  Amazingly, we had fantastic weather for both events and then the whole state of Arizona got slammed with high winds & storms on Monday the 8th.  We were all so lucky!