Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Eric Effect

Inspired by The Carbonaro Effect and Penn & Teller, imagine...
Your guests are gathering & the party is starting to heat up.  
The doorbell rings and a delivery guy shows up with a pizza.  
You invite him in, he notices a deck of playing cards, and offers to do a card trick.  Your guests of honor picks a card, shows it around, and shuffles it back in the deck.  The pizza guy offers a bet that he will find the card or you'll receive your pizza for free.  But after several tries, he can't find the card.  Finally, he ask what card was chosen, opens the pizza box, and SURPRISE!  
"Is that your card?  Yes!  Then that must be your pizza!"

Invite Shawn Eric to deliver a magic pizza and surprise 
(and feed) your guests at your next party.
Call for details and availability, 602-404-7644