Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Magic Castle!

In June, I had the honor of going to Hollywood, California and entertaining at the Magic Castle!  With my dear friend Tom Frank, we performed three shows a night in the Peller Theatre the weekend of June 6 - 8.  It all started at a session in February, 2012, in the desert north of Indio, where we discussed the idea of doing a show together at the Castle.  The show would feature the classics of magic, as taught to us by our mentors, with cards, coins, cups & balls, & linking rings... the stuff we make our living with today.  Finally, we shared one of the best stages in the world and lived the dream!

I have so many people to thank for making the trip such a fun success... Thank you to Jack G., Joan L. and the Magic Castle team (Sheila, Erin, Sabrina, Rose, Katie, Patrick, Steve, Brandon, Joey, Maurice, and Tom).  Thanks to some honored friends and guests who came to see our show (Perry, Lisa & Camilla K., Simon & Ginny A., Jonathan P., and birthday girl Alyssa B. with her fun friends).  Thanks to Makoto for the impromptu session on coins, it was great to meet him and learn a couple of new tricks.  Special thanks to Robb W. & Alfonso for their notes & feedback on the show.  Thanks to all the great audiences for the crowd love!  Most of all, thanks to Tommy and Polly for their friendship and hospitality at Camp Paradise!  What an awesome experience!!