Monday, November 23, 2020

The Magic of Gratitude

"The more thankful I am, the more I have to be thankful for."  

In light of our Thanksgiving holiday this week, I want to sincerely thank all my clients who have hired me over the past few years.  I feel so lucky to entertain people with my magic and share it as a business and a professional career for over 35 years... WOW!   

As a more advanced form of gratitude, I'd also like to thank all the prospects who inquired about my work and, for whatever reasons, did not hire me.  In other words, I'm grateful for the work I have and the work I don't have.  I'm also grateful for the work that's coming.  There is a lot of magic still to be done!  

This year has been a sort of "forced sabbatical" from performing which is how I earn my income.  So I've had to shift to the business side of my work which includes mostly marketing projects; upgrading my websites, producing videos, and getting ready for whatever "rebound" that may occur after the virus crisis is solved and the shutdown ends.  At this point, I feel many people are starved for live entertainment.  However, when "things" open up, I believe it will be a slow process of people getting comfortable hosting and attending events.  

Imagine going to the theatre to see a concert, a play, and a magic show.  Imagine going to the Magic Castle to watch the world's greatest magicians.  Imagine going to Las Vegas and seeing the the myriad of theatre shows and concerts.  Imaging going to the Rustler's Rooste or your local restaurant and inviting the magician to come entertain at your table.  Imagine going to an outdoor festival or fair and joining in a crowd of strangers to circle around a magic or juggling show.  Imagine having a magician work the crowd at your next corporate event, a dinner party, reception, or trade show.  Imagine... and let's make magic happen again! 

Thank you for reading and following my blog.  I wish you all a magical Thanksgiving holiday!