Saturday, November 30, 2019

7th Annual Cups & Balls Session

In October, I had the pleasure of visiting magic friends in Los Angeles for an all day event celebrating one of the oldest tricks in magic, the classic cups and balls.  Organized by Tom Frank and hosted by Dave Ramey, the event draws about 75 magicians each year.  The format is "show and tell" sessions where participants can talk about their interests and props (cups, balls, wands, tables, pouches and pockets, costumes, loads, etc.) or they can perform their favorite routines. This year Gazzo appeared and did a surprising close-up routine while sitting at a table and spinning a long tale about a long drive across the country.  The best part of the day was seeing old friends and meeting new ones, watching the younger magi do their thing, and sharing lots of stories and laughs.  

Johnson Cups for my close-up work.

Tom Frank, organizer of the event.

With Gazzo & Kris Bentz.

Cups for political satire, Napoleon on the run.

Cellini Cups for the stage.