Monday, February 1, 2021

Driveways, Patios and Poolside Parties

This is the home of generous friends in Tempe on New Years Eve and center stage for the event.  My first official driveway show, complete with lights and sound, was for about 30 people at a neighborhood block party.  The driveway has a slight elevation which increased my visibility.  Everyone gathered in a semi-circle, small groups seated in lawn chairs and standing room only on the street, socially distanced and wearing masks.  Two teenage boys, who have a strong curiosity about magic, agreed to help and they nearly stole the show with their antics.  A Covid safe event to ring in the New Year, in the driveway of "a rusted out garage", this show was one to remember! 

For home entertainment, driveways, patios and poolside, are ideal outdoor areas where Shawn's Magic Fun can be best enjoyed.  Call 602-403-7309 to learn how we can amaze your guests at your next home party.