Saturday, September 30, 2017

Raving Fans!

Professor of Wands

"Shawn exceeded our expectations and his performance was the highlight of my 10 year old daughter’s Harry Potter themed birthday party.  We had searched for a magician or entertainer who could incorporate our Harry Potter theme and could not find anyone in the valley who was willing to do this.  Shawn went out of his way to bring my daughter a Harry Potter magical cookie cake and incorporated various “spells” and wore a Hogwarts costume.  I would highly recommend Shawn Eric for your next event whether it’s an adult or children’s event.  He performs some amazing illusions and magic.”
Hites and Judy P.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Magic Castle Fun!

The W.C. Fields' Bar is one of my favorite places to work at the Magic Castle because the party atmosphere encourages the guests to respond as they would in most other real world venues.  This type of bar magic entertainment is a great attraction at resort and restaurant lounges (especially could be at A Different Pointe of View lounge at the Pointe at Tapatio in Phoenix, Arizona...hint, hint;). 

These photographs were taken by the Magic Castle's official photographer Brian Ochab.  Thank you Brian and thanks to this great audience! 

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Eric Effect

Inspired by The Carbonaro Effect and Penn & Teller, imagine...
Your guests are gathering & the party is starting to heat up.  
The doorbell rings and a delivery guy shows up with a pizza.  
You invite him in, he notices a deck of playing cards, and offers to do a card trick.  Your guests of honor picks a card, shows it around, and shuffles it back in the deck.  The pizza guy offers a bet that he will find the card or you'll receive your pizza for free.  But after several tries, he can't find the card.  Finally, he ask what card was chosen, opens the pizza box, and SURPRISE!  
"Is that your card?  Yes!  Then that must be your pizza!"

Invite Shawn Eric to deliver a magic pizza and surprise 
(and feed) your guests at your next party.
Call for details and availability, 602-404-7644

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

How magic works...


How refreshing to work a children's party in the midst of a holiday season!
Adults can be somewhat predictable and reserved in their responses.
These children were so much fun, a pure joy!
This is why I love magic, it awakens the child in all of us.
  Thanks to Kim, Bella & Miguel for inviting me and for these awesome photos. Also, thanks to the parents who gave their permission to post them.