Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer Solstice Celebration!

For years, I've wanted to travel north for the summer solstice, to enjoy the long days and work during the late evening sunsets.  Recently this past June, I escaped the desert heat and journeyed up to Washington for two weeks.  In Bellingham, I visited my friend Crystal, The Jewel of Magic, who was also a friend of Cellini.  Crystal and I met in Switzerland in 1992 at Cellini's Zauberlauden in Zurich where we worked the streets together with a motley crew of Cellini's other students.  She has been taking care of her magic and performing in a variety of venues for many years.  It was a pleasure to see her again!  We talked about the old days, shared lots of laughs and healthy food, and discussed our new magic dreams and adventures.  Here she is at her regular gig at the local smoke shop where she performs cigarette and cigar magic for her nicotine addicted clients.  She's still got chops and a great cups and balls routine!

On the solstice weekend I worked the Fremont Fair in Seattle.  Friday evening I did a show in the beer garden before the band played, typical party crowd, it was a nice way to warm up.  Saturday was full of sunshine, lots of shows, and good crowds.  I enjoyed walking back up a long hill to my hotel in the late evening dusk watching a full moonrise, staying up late & cleaning the take.  Sunday was back to normal Seattle weather, cloudy and cool, with light rain throughout the day.  I cranked out the shows as the crowds and cash kept flowing.  It was my first time working this event, I enjoyed meeting lots of interesting people, and the naked painted babes riding bikes through the event were a novel attraction.  Sorry, no pictures. 

Another highlight of the fair was seeing my good friend Crow play with his friends, The Band of Buzzards, ie. Artis the Spoonman and Reggie.  These guys rocked the streets and gathered good crowds with their grooving songs and magnetic presence.  They were set up just down the street from my pitch and I enjoyed listening to them during my breaks.  On Sunday after the fair, I travelled with Crow and Artis over to Port Townsend where I stayed a few days and enjoyed the hospitality of Crow and Milam.  What a happy couple, so lucky to be in love!  Also, enjoyed a visit with Artis at his seaside apartment, a tour of his garden, and we even watched a sea lion come ashore, waddle its way up to the main street and entertain a group of tourists.  That was one animal act that neither of us could have followed.  

Crow and I have been friends for many years, since we worked the Tempe Arts Festival back in the late 1980's.  During our visit, we rode bikes all over town, through the boatyards, and all along the shore line.  At their home, we played music, did yard work, and enjoyed Milam's good cooking and lots of laughs.  Crow is a very talented comedian, juggler, and musician.  It was practically therapeutic for me to be there, but as Crow remarked, "Coming to me for therapy is like going to the gynocologist without a pussy."  Another Crow line, "Experience is what you get after you need it."  Laughter is indeed the best medicine!

Topping off my Washington tour was a performance for my client friend Tom B., his wife Diane, and their family & friends on a beautiful, sunny evening at their home in Alki Beach!  I did a show for Tom this past spring in Scottsdale, and he invited me to visit and perform if I ever made it up north.  The timing worked out perfect, as Diane, his family & friends were all gathered for a special party.  It was beautiful outside, in his backyard overlooking the water.  Most of his family had seen parts of the show before, so I added an extended set of card magic as an encore.  They were all very nice, hip, and fun!  Also, I must say that Tom & Diane epitomize the commitment that marriage is supposed to be, "in sickness and health", they are a most inspiring couple. Thank you Tom & Diane!  Thanks again to Crystal, and Crow & Milam for your generous hospitality and enduring friendship!  And thanks to my new friend Artis for the CDs!    


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